I had an eye surgery in Zagreb, so I stayed there for recovery. Sometimes I would do nothing, and sometimes I would clean all day long. I exercise daily, drink a glass of wine, sometimes wear makeup, and get dressed up for lunch or dinner. I talk with friends via a video call, especially on the weekends, so we imagine we're out. I could get used to this easygoing way of life, but I hope it won't be hard for me to fall back into reality.

I am often on the patio where I have discovered the charms of barbeque while listening to The Weekend. It goes great with the sun, with the relaxation brought by cooking and dancing. Try it.

I am still not artistically relaxed to write, I find this "prison" too difficult for the leisureliness needed to create. But we will soon find the best way to creatively use this rhythm.


I am mostly at home, but in the morning I go to the river to fish. Nature relaxes and resets me. At the beginnoing of the state of emergency, I volunteered with the Color Press Group and the Red Cross to assist senior citizens who were unable to go out for supplies. One grandmother had no one to walk her dog, so now I have two new friends - Grandma Jela and Bichon Molly. In addition, I study ukelele, learn how to plant vegetables on the patio, exercise...

Listen to music that relaxes you, pleases you. I love acoustics, and I'm listening to Passenger's new album.

Everything will change, including the music world - from creativity to online concerts. Artists find different ways to express themselves, but also to present their work.


The life of us musicians is very dynamic, so this was a kind of a challenge and a blessing for me - to be in one place, to do the things that I didn't have time for because of constant running, packing, sleeping in hotels. I dedicated myself to the piano. I used to play it as a kid, and now I'm revising and learning over Skype. I'm a real schoolgirl! I practice yoga, meditate, write, read. I love to do renovation, I was able to get all the material and now I am busy every day!

I'm listening to everything, currently I am into solfeggio and classical music. I would recommend the LP, I adore her music and her voice. For the jazz mood, there is the beautiful Ella Fitzgerald who I always return to.

I hope that people will come out wiser from the "Corona Age" and understand that we need to slow down... I think the concerts will be more intimate, that people will want to listen to live performances, that music will expand globally because there is a lot of time to create, compose and write. I can't wait to hear it all!


I rested and slept for the first week because our tour was canceled. Then I started doing everything I didn't have time for in the "life on wheels". I watch movies, listen to music, play the piano, exercise and intensively write our "Diary". I hope that by the end of the year you will have the opportunity to read what has happened to Frajle in these 11 years, about the adventures and the trajectory of our career.

Listen to all that relaxes you in these stressful situations. I listen to everything - from classical music concerts to new young performers, foreign and domestic. On the repertoire today is a brilliant Spanish singer of African descent Buika.

Maybe we all had to stop and rethink how we were going for a downfall with the technology and the way of living. Music has also gained a great deal of importance and form in the quarantine. A lot is being created. How it will be when everything passes, I don't know, but we will accept new changes. What is important is that the music should not and will not shut down.


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