International conference 'World Workplace Europe meets Facility for Future'

Facility Manager Uros Galovic attended the international conference "World Workplace Europe meets Facility for Future", which was held in Amsterdam from March 20th to 23rd. The key topic of the conference was trends in this area. Within panels, great attention was given to the impact of new technologies, the application of artificial intelligence in the business process, the connection between the facility management and the HR, as well as sustainability.

International conference 'World Workplace Europe meets Facility for Future'"What will definitely mark the period ahead, when it comes to facility management, are new technologies, the application of artificial intelligence in management techniques, the digitization of services and personalization. Thanks to the use of large data base and sensors, facilities are becoming "smarter", whether it's business or residential facilities, shopping centers and retail parks. In order to increase their competitiveness, facility managers will be required to move away from mere maintenance of "physical" infrastructure and to increasingly focus on innovation and improvement of facilities according to the principles of sustainability. Also, in the foreground is the process of personalization, particularly when it comes to the workplaces. Clients from this segment, but also employees, are expecting for FM and other services to provide personalized services that increase their value and place them in the "center of attention." In that sense, the role of HR managers and their relationship with facility managers is important." - Uros pointed out.

International conference 'World Workplace Europe meets Facility for Future'The conference was organized by IFMA (International Facility Management Association), the most recognizable facility management association in the world. Strengthening the facility management skills and knowledge of the professionals is something that this organization has always dealt with and much can be learned on a personal level from this membership. Since this year, Novaston is part of this story, through the membership of the facility manager, Uros Galovic. According to him, this membership is important for both him, as an individual, and for Novaston Facility Management as a company that aims to invest in its employees and create an environment in which everyone can progress.

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