Pets do not transmit the virus

Pets do not transmit the virus

The biggest news in the world right now is the current pandemic, which doesn’t choose a state, nation, or weather, but mercilessly mows everything in front of it and spreads rapidly. It’s about COVID-19, from the beta coronavirus group. Extremely contagious, the symptoms primarily show in the respiratory systems of humans. It’s transferred via secretion, excretion, direct human to human contact, via surfaces, as well as through aerosols. And what about our pets in this period?

Pets do not transmit the virus“What pet owners most want to know is – can this virus infect their dogs and cats, and can they be the carriers of the virus? The answer to this question is NO. Every species has its bacteria, parasites, and viruses, so dogs and cats can’t get sick, nor potentially transmit COVID-19. They are not ideal hosts and virus doesn’t attack nor stays alive in such an organism. Despite that, increase the hygiene of your pets (paws, hair, nails, pick up dog excrement). Prevention is the mother of medicine. To be isolated means not to be infected. Be responsible. Stay at home. Medical workers around the world are saving lives in double or triple shifts, and if they must be outside their homes – you can stay at your home for them. Because of them, because of yourself, because of your close ones, because of everyone.”, said the experts from PET VET CARE, a veterinary clinic.

In the following period, this clinic will be open just for an emergencies and appointments can be made via telephone (0653003052). Keep you and your pets safe.

ADVICE: After each walk, and before you enter the apartment, wipe the fur and clean your pet's paws with oxygen-based agents, as well as your sneakers or shoes. You can use antiseptic chlorhexidine or regular shampoo. It is ideal to do this in front of the apartment and then enter disinfected. Little effort means a lot.

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