NMC becomes the member of "The Friends of UNICEF" Club

NMC becomes the member of 'The Friends of UNICEF' Club

In accordance with its corporate social responsibility policy, Novaston Marketing Consultancy has recently become the member of „The Friends of UNICEF“ Club. On that occasion, Aleksandra Kozul, Communication Director, in charge of social responsible policy, emphasised that, NMC as a part of the Novaston Platform, strives to be driven by the principles of social responsibility in its business.

Aleksandra Kožul"It is an honor to be a part of such a big and valuable organization like UNICEF. We are guided by the idea to help spread the awareness inside the business community about the importance of donations and joining the program through our work. That’s why we invite all our associates and partners to join this program, whose aim is creating better opportunities for children in Serbia. Let's build a society in which health, education, equality and protection for each child will be a priority", said Aleksandra.

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