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Ivana Parčetić Mitić

Only 9.5% of consumers in Serbia think that companies should stop advertising during the Corona time

On the occasion of the first #AdCast webinar, Marketing mreza conducted a survey of more than 2,000 consumers in Serbia between the ages of 18 and 65, which showed that only 9.5% of them think that companies should stop communicating during a state of emergency. As many as 77% believe that companies should continue to inform the public about their activities.

Almost all respondents (95%) believe that companies should communicate in a reassuring manner in times of pandemic and share a positive perspective. More than 38% also think that companies should communicate in exactly the same way as they did before the crisis, while 55% think that companies should talk about their own brand in a carefree and leisurely manner. Only 12% of those surveyed said brands should communicate in a humorous tone.

When it comes to the role of companies during a pandemic, 87% of consumers believe that companies should help them in their daily lives, 61% that they should inform people about what they are doing, and 81% that companies should not use the current situation for profit.

As many as 91% of respondents believe that companies should focus on employee care at this time and make their health a key priority.

About 34% of consumers want to see companies protect the delivery of services or products, while more than 86% want to see companies donate their products to people in need. Only 38% of respondents believe that brands should donate money to the Republican Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia. Generally, 57% of consumers expect their favorite brands to communicate their socially responsible activities.

Given the crisis, reduced wages, and a significant number of jobless people, as many as 71% of consumers want companies to offer them discounts and promotions, and 29% expect better service and better customer experience. Little over 21% of respondents expect more loyalty programs and specific benefits.

Despite research findings, many companies are stopping ad campaigns and revising their advertising budgets. A survey of 100 companies and 100 agencies in Serbia, organized by the Marketing mreza, found that 57% of brands postponed or revised their campaigns for the month of April, while 64% reduced or revised their agencies' budgets and fees. Since the beginning of the state of emergency, 23% of companies have canceled project collaboration or agency contracts.

When it comes to agencies' biggest problems at the moment, 47% said it is employee salaries, taxes, and contributions, and 24% said it is VAT payments.

Unfortunately, no one can predict with certainty the conduct of the market, the economy, and the pandemic itself will take in the coming period. When it comes to marketing budgets, 56% of respondents believe that it will decrease after the pandemic, 23% that it will increase and 21% that it will remain at the same level as before the state of emergency.

Ivana Parcetić Mitic, Founder & CEO, Marketing mreza


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