Work on yourself, but also love everything you are

Work on yourself, but also love everything you are

On March 9th, a more beautiful, but equally strong part of Novaston platform celebrated Mach 8th by the creative intensive workshop “Life skills of women’s success”, in the pleasant space of a Lady Life Studio.

During the workshop, the ladies’ team of the company, along with the CEO, Mia Zecevic, became acquainted with the concept of growth and self-realization through life roles that define us, and also with negotiation tactics, and perspective changes.

Instead of turning hobby into a business, we should choose a business achievement in a profession where we will be challenged to work 10 hours every day,” emphasized Elena Srzentic Frleta, the educator of the transformational process of change, in the pleasant space of the Lady Life Studio.

The success of a woman is much more complex, and requires emotional and energy balance.

Work on yourself, but also love everything you are“The rise of women in the modern society starts when we choose to devote to ourselves, because that is when the things change from the inside. By respecting life cycles, we learn to love what we are, and the workshop was the opportunity to learn basic techniques for maintaining balance,” said Jasmina Stojanovic, creative consultant and project&editorial manager of the magazine Original, and the founder of Moahaza agency.

Novaston platform team is comprised of 40% of women, out of which 60% occupy leading positions. I strongly believe in women and women’s energy. By proactive approach and great commitment, together with their colleagues, they work on setting high and innovative standards on the real estate market,” said Mia Zecevic, CEO of Novaston platform, during the workshop.

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