Cooperation between Electric Arrow and Novaston

Cooperation between Electric Arrow and Novaston

Due to their trip to a competition in the UK, Novaston platform has supported a team of students from the University of Belgrade, Electric Arrow, who design and develop the first electric formula in Serbia.

Formula Student team Electrical Arrow was founded in 2018 by former members of the team Tenfore Road Arrow. They decided to use the experience gained in the team for the realization of the most ambitious project in the field of technical competitions for students. The task is to develop and construct the prototype of the electric racing car for non-professional autocross or sprint races, in less than two years.

Cooperation between Electric Arrow and NovastonThe conceptual design of the electric vehicle will be presented in 2019. With this design, the students of the University of Belgrade will participate in a prestigious international competition in the UK. This trip to Silverstone and the competition in Class II are an introduction to what is yet to come- constructing and testing the first electro formula in Serbia. The season of 2020 brings many challenges, and some of the most demanding ones are producing and testing the self-developed systems such as DRS (Drag Reduction System), BMS (Battery Management System) and ECU (Engine Control Unit) that will operate the electric motors using Torque Vectoring algorithm.

Electric Arrow will compete in the class of e-formulas with more than 150 student teams from around the world. In order to achieve all this, and fulfill our dream, the support from the companies that believe that young people in Serbia can stand up to great international Formula Student teams is necessary. It is our honor and pleasure to cooperate with Novaston company, and we believe we will justify your trust - said Nikola Novakovic, Electric Arrow team leader.

Electric Arrow will be able to develop a speed of 100 km/h in only 3 seconds. It will be reliable, inaudible and without exhaust fumes.

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