The importance of Facility Management in the time of crisis

Nenad Krstić

As a business discipline on its own, Facility Management has the specific task to ensure undisturbed functioning of key infrastructures and to reduce the negative effect of the state of emergency on the clients and tenants wellbeing.

Every FM has the basic mission to maintain and organize buildings and spaces, but he cannot neglect the most important resource of all, the people.

According to Nenad Krstić, Head of Facility Management in Novaston, First it was important to have a series of measures and precautions that will ensure a safe work environment.

“The safest and the easiest measure is to enable people to work from home. But, regarding the nature of the FM’s job, that cannot always be the case, so it is very important to ensure that people that are actually coming to work, have the conditions to work on the proper physical distance. Also, and this could be very expensive, organizing cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis is mandatory. Crisis headquarters is assembled and strict and direct lines of communication, as the only valid source of information during the state of emergency. Maybe the most important thing is to prepare for the impact the pandemic will have on the business itself. We need to have a clear action plan to present to our tenants, that will, without a doubt suffer a decrease in turnover, but also our investors who will strive to avoid losses. The plan should consider savings and optimization that would benefit all the stakeholders. That way, and also through the constant communication regarding our part in improving the situation, as a serious FM, we will show that even this global crisis cannot catch us with our guard down, and that we are capable of making the most out of every situation“, pointed out Nenad Krstić.

Now, with an experience of working and functioning in the pandemic, we can make a general conclusion that retail industry did not suffer the catastrophic losses that were instantly predicted, said Head of Novaston Facility Management. This was all thanks to the composed reaction of stakeholders and investors, but also the way that companies from this field carried with the newfound situation and challenging tasks that occurred.

“Novaston Facility Management, as the more growing important figure in this field, can proudly put itself in the line with the companies that showed capable of dealing with the challenges by maintaining the highest level of the existing operations, as well as actively working on the expansion of its portfolio and enrichment of the list of its respectable clients”, Nenad Krstić said.


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