How to survive coronavirus and stay normal?

Kako preživeti koronu i ostati normalan?

Everything changes in an instant and nothing is as it used to be. What do people do then? Someone is suffering, someone is in fear, and someone is struggling. You come out of those events either as a winner or as defeated.
We asked Katarina Pavicevic, a psychologist, how to survive during that time and how to move on.

How to spend time in this period?
People employed in the services whose work is necessary, above all, health workers, will work around the clock, without rest and break. If you are in that group, I wish you the strength, the will, the energy to do whatever is necessary. Either way, it won't be permanent. If you are in another group, my group, among those who do not go to work every day - it may be difficult to get used to so much free time.

What to do, how to spend that time?
Do what pleases you (and at the same time does not harm others), what you have delayed so far because you have not had time. Don't just fill that time with worry, fear, constantly watching the news and monitoring the health of the nation. You cannot change or repair anything, you can only get upset. If you just can't keep up with the spread of the virus, do it moderately, limit the time you spend reading or listening to the news, analysis, conversations… The shorter the better.

Design time and fill it with content you love - read, cook, watch movies or what you like, work around the house, stay on social media ... You can learn something new and interesting that you haven't had the time for. Anyone who wants to learn how to knit, make jewelry, draw, can find instructions online on how to do it.

Kako preživeti koronu i ostati normalan?

Is this a state of emergency also when it comes to our relationship with others, especially children and parents?
Sure, it is. You will spend much more time with your children and now may be the time to make up for what you missed out on. Talk to the children, answer their questions, make these moments as carefree as possible. Schools are not open now, but children should not forget about learning. Help them integrate learning into a new routine, test them, monitor them. You may now worry more about your parents, getting in touch with them more often, getting supplies for them. Surely it will take your time and energy too, but it is up to you to choose whether to do it with a smile or grumpy.

What if money problems occur?
Some people, during this period, will have quite justified worries, anxieties, fears. If you are in a private business that is at risk because of this situation, it is realistic to ask yourself how you will proceed, how to provide money. Think, make plans, try to look at your business from another point of view - is there anything you can change to improve your business. Analyze, consider, but do not let fear overcome. The state of emergency will not pass any faster because you are afraid, you can only lose your nerve and not be prepared for the continuation. Be ready for the various possible outcomes, do what's right for you and wait. Some things can't be rushed, but will happen when it's time.

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